Telus gets smart on the street

The telco has installed interactive storefronts nationwide to engage consumers in the smartphone experience.

Telus is extending the educational theme of its back-to-school campaign with interactive storefront executions in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

The storefront displays are installed in empty storefronts and were handled by The Media Merchants, a mediaco with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The screens are motion sensitive, and are activated by the gestures of the viewer. When a passerby stops and waves, the wall activates to show a pair of on-screen dolphins, which then play a game with the viewer, allowing them to choose a smartphone to learn about. When the screen is not running the interactive features, it loops a video promoting Telus products. 

The goal of the interactive storefront, Brad Foster, president of The Media Merchants, tells MiC, is to extend the amount of time a consumer spends with the brand instead of just simply passing by the storefront and possibly missing the brand experience entirely.

The installations are part of the greater ‘dolphins’ campaign currently in market, with media by Media Experts (which has since parted ways with Telus as its MAOR) and creative by Taxi. They will remain in place until late September.