Global goes big (again) this fall

The channel has swathed the nation in advertising for its fall promotional campaign.

Hawaii Five-O‘s sexy stars are getting a lot of play in Global’s new ‘big’ campaign for its fall programming lineup.

This week, the channel launched a comprehensive, tough-to-miss media campaign to support its fall programming, which includes the above-mentioned remake, the return of cultural zeitgeist Glee, the new prime-time soap Lonestar and the debut of the Sex and the City-ish Love Bites.

Toronto subway commuters will be hard-pressed not to notice the subway domination at Bloor-Yonge station, with almost all available elements sporting the channel’s trademark red hue. The theme of the campaign is ‘big,’ as in ‘Big new season,’ ‘Big waves’ (Hawaii Five-O), and ‘Big voices’ (Glee). It is the third year that Global’s used the ‘Big’ theme for its fall programming campaign.

Other national media include print ads in regional newspapers, a radio campaign focused on afternoon drive dominations, homepage takeovers on several websites including YouTube, a fan-targeted Facebook media buy for Glee, OOH including digi-boards in major urban markets and indoor advertising on 1,400 screens in the Captivate office-tower network. The fall shows are also being promoted on Canwest channels and IPGs.

The campaign also has a slightly silly slant, with a partnership with Mac’s 862 convenience stores that will see Glee-branded ‘Froster’ cups (a.k.a. Slushies) served up to customers and in-store advertising as well.

All media and creative was handled in-house by Canwest.