Stanfield’s goes social for a good cause

The underwear brand's new campaign raises money and awareness for the 'package in your pants.'

Canadian apparel brand Stanfield’s is making its first foray into the social media sphere with a CSR-based campaign starring an unusual new spokesperson: ‘The Guy At Home in his Underwear.’

The campaign features actor Mark McIntyre, who will sit at home in his underwear for 25 days, without leaving, under the omnipresent gaze of a live webcam to raise money for, and awareness of, testicular cancer.

Starting Oct. 6, the live feed will be featured on the campaign microsite, but the real goal is generate Facebook ‘likes’ via a button on the microsite, because for each new ‘like’ clicked, Stanfield’s will donate $1 to the Canadian Cancer Society for testicular cancer awareness. The goal is $25,000, and a week before it has officially launched, the Facebook page has already racked up 1,140 ‘likes.’ The campaign was created by John St. in Toronto.

The campaign does not officially launch until Oct. 6 – the day McIntyre will start logging underwear-clad couch hours – and company president Jon Stanfield was keeping mum on the media plan to promote it ’til the big day. He did, however, speak to the media strategy behind it.

The goal, he says, was to reach out to younger consumers (male, 25 to 40) via social media, and use the opportunity to promote a good cause as well.

‘To go to a social media space just as a platform to say, ‘hey, here we are, here’s what we’re doing,’ I’m not sure how much impact you can get from that,’ he tells MiC. ‘What we wanted to do was tie in a cause, and certainly testicular cancer and underwear can go hand in hand in that the underwear’s the thing that supports your package in your pants.’