The Score takes The Basketball Jones to the hoop

The sports network is expanding the popular b-ball podcast with shows on TV and radio.

The Score is hoping for a slam dunk this month as it takes the popular NBA video podcast The Basketball Jones and expands it into a weekly TV show and a daily radio show.

The podcast, started independently as a podcast in 2006, was added to the roster of in March 2010.

While still producing their daily video podcast, The Basketball Jones team will be producing their new TV show, also titled The Basketball Jones, to air Thursdays at 6 p.m., starting Oct. 28.

The half-hour radio show, with a one-hour weekly wrap-up each Friday, will air daily at 3 p.m. on The Score Satellite Radio.

Meanwhile, the blog is expanding with the addition of editor Trey Kerby, who The Score scooped up from Yahoo!, where he ran the popular basketball blog Ball Don’t Lie.

Along with traditional TV spots, ad opps for the show include pre-roll and brand integration. Online, presenter titles on the blogs and viral video sponsorship are available.

The expansion is a chance for The Score to take the fresh, fan-centred voices of their online personalities onto a larger platform, Jonathan Savage, VP, digital, The Score, tells MiC.

‘The Score is known for being progressive when it comes to content, and interactive, and what we try to do is to have talent and writers that reflect the fans,’ says Savage. ‘They’re guys you’d want to have a beer with…they’re authorities but they’re not authoritarian.’

The Basketball Jones TV show is being promoted during the channel’s NBA Court Surfing and during NBA game coverage. There will also be previews and viral videos online, and promotions on The Score homepage, and The Basketball JonesFacebook page and the Twitter pages of TBJ‘s Tas Melas and J.E. Skeets.