Spotted! Bank robbers take over downtown Toronto

The masked bandits chanted and handed out chocolate gold coins as part of the release of The Town on Blu-ray. (Free content)

Fifty masked men and women took to the streets of Toronto Friday afternoon, starting at the city’s stock exchange, as part of stunt to draw attention to the release of The Town in Blu-ray combo packs.

The movie, directed by and starring Ben Affleck, tells the story of a career criminal who falls in love with an employee of one of the banks he robs. In the movie, the members of the heist crew dress up as nuns during robberies.

The Warner Home Entertainment stunt had the 50 participants wearing the same masks the bank robbers wore in the movie, but instead of taking money, they were handing out chocolate gold coins to people they passed.

As they walked from the TSX to City Hall and then to Yonge-Dundas Square, the thieves chanted ‘See The Town, the banks go down.’

The stunt was coordinated by Toronto-based LexPR.