Workopolis polishes up for Oscar

The website is inviting Canadians to 'shine' with an online sponsorship of the Academy Awards on CTV.

At first glance, the Academy Awards and Workopolis are an unlikely pair, but upon closer inspection, the career website’s online sponsorship of the award show on CTV starts to make a lot more sense.

Workopolis launched its ‘Prepped to Shine’ promotion this week, offering Canadians opportunities to win an Oscar-themed trip to Toronto by answering Oscar-themed trivia questions correctly.

The media plan for the campaign includes a ‘Prepped to shine’ microsite on, as well as pre-roll ads airing on programming and banner ads on the site. The contest is also being promoted on Workopolis’s website, its Twitter feed and Facebook page and return visits to the contest microsite are being encouraged via daily trivia questions that generate additional contest entries.

‘The Oscars are really about demonstrating shining career moments and our new tagline is ‘Time to Shine,’ so it felt like a natural fit in terms of providing us with a platform to communicate our new value proposition,’ Jennifer Posnikoff, group manager, marketing communications, Workopolis, tells MiC.

‘One of our objectives and goals for this year was that we wanted to increase our presence online and deliver a key message to our target in unique and relevant ways,’ she continues. ‘We’d seen some of the content partnerships that CTV had executed in the past and felt that we could approach them and find something that would be a great fit for our brand and messaging.’

The target psychographic for the campaign is the employment ‘window shopper,’ or someone who is currently employed but looking for new opportunities. Since that target audience is often looking for a job for up to five months, Workopolis designed ‘Prepped to shine’ with ‘stickiness’ in mind, hence the daily contest entry opportunities, Posnikoff says.

The contest runs until Feb. 27, the day of the 83rd Academy Awards broadcast on CTV .