Casale Media thinks inside the Videobox

The ad network's new video platform eliminates costs associated with reformatting and hosting, Casale says.

The video advertising market in Canada continues to grow at a rapid pace, with Casale Media entering the fray this week with the debut of Videobox.

The new video ad platform functions as a one-stop shop for advertisers and publishers alike. The rich-media ad unit features a full-screen overlay triggered by a standard display unit. It’s fully customizable for publishers and advertisers, and features no native branding. Therefore, nothing is competing for the consumers’ attention but the content itself, explains Matilda Chung, marketing and events coordinator at Casale Media.

The Videobox platform also makes entering the video advertising game easier for agencies and advertisers, who can simply send their assets to Toronto-based Casale, which handles assembly, hosting and delivery of the Videobox-friendly ad. Currently, Media Experts is confirmed as a launch adopter of the new unit.

‘This is our first foray into the full-screen overlay capability,’ says Chung. ‘[Clients] don’t even have to recreate something completely new, they don’t have to transform something into a Videobox creative,’ Chung tells MiC.

US advertisers slated to run with the launch of Videobox include Gigante Vaz client St. Martin’s Press, Febreze Carpet Care Products and US Airways Vacations. Ads are available in all standard IAB formats.

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