Beam aims younger with online launch

The vacuum company pairs spring cleaning with interactive features on

Electrolux Home Care Products-owned Beam is aiming for the younger home-buying and newlywed set with the launch of

The website was launched earlier this week to coincide with spring cleaning season and reach a younger crowd that Beam has not yet tapped, Cheryl Waisanen, marketing manager, Electrolux Home Products tells MiC.

“We were working back and forth with our design agency, trying to think of a concept for a site that people would actually want to go to,” she says. “We were thinking people are doing a lot to try to make their lives healthier and become fit themselves. And we thought, what if we could use that for the home?”

The site, which was designed by Toronto-based Pilot PMR, was promoted on Monday with a print ad in the National Post and will be included in upcoming Beam campaigns, she says.

It features interactive elements like quizzes to try to present facts about indoor air quality in a clear and informative way. is a departure for the vacuum company, which has previously gone with more traditional media buys of print and radio to reach its core demographic of 25- to 50-year-olds.

“Online is obviously very important to younger users,” says Waisanen. “We wanted to speak to consumers in a way they understand as well as have a bit of fun with it.”