Pattison proves OOH works

The outdoor media co has placed posters in subway stations that advise commuters how to avoid awkward moments.

Pattison Outdoor Advertising is reaching out to potential advertisers and commuters by pointing out the benefits of transit posters in its first campaign since the media co struck a 12-year deal with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

One of the benefits of reading material splashed along the walls and floors of transit stations is the ability to avoid the dreaded eye-contact shared between fellow commuters.

So in an effort to communicate the beauty of the medium, Pattison has placed a series of 20 x 28 posters along the underground transit halls, as well as on streetcars, with copy that reads, “Don’t want to make eye-contact? Read a subway poster.” and “Stop staring at the floor. Read a subway poster.” All of the creative ends with the branding message of “Transit advertising works. Pattison.”

Additionally, there are posters with a QR code directing people to in order to “Play. Win.” The site provides a variety of polls and arcade games for registered users to enter and play, with chances to win prizes such as a Samsung netbook and Olympus E-PM1.

Joe Donaldson, VP of marketing, Pattison, tells MiC that the outdoor media company wanted clear and simple creative that would resonate with subway commuters as well as those thinking of buying space from Pattison.

“We have promoted ourselves in the past, but not quite like this,” he says, adding that the push to produce campaigns that grab commuter and advertiser attention came after the TTC deal was made.

Pattison plans to continue promoting itself in transit areas at least twice a year. The media co is developing the next phase right now, with the current campaign planned to be in market until April, says Donaldson.