Reality concept now invading OOH

Yes, those are real jeans and t-shirts pinned to transit shelters just begging to be ripped off.

In a striking case of reality imitating art, Coca-Cola Canada and California HQ’d Quiksilver Gear have launched an eye-catching interactive outdoor campaign in Montreal and Toronto in which actual jeans and t-shirts are displayed on transit shelters and wild postings. Up close, consumers see a message pasted to the garments revealing that this is a promotion in which Sprite drinkers can instantly win one of 50 $1,000 Quiksilver Gear prizes hidden under Sprite bottle caps, while one in four Sprite drinkers will instantly win a free can of pop.

Developed by Cossette Communication-Marketing (Toronto), which also handled the media, the contest is being supported with an on-line component and TV spots airing on MuchMusic and MusiquePlus in English and French markets.

How exactly are the displays interactive? Get this – the advertiser has anticipated that, um… resourceful consumers may succeed in removing the duds from the displays, ‘putting a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘instant win,” explains senior brand manager, non-cola carbonated soft drinks, Angie Balian. If and when that happens, a silhouette of the clothing will become visible along with the message: ‘Drink Sprite. You could instantly win $1,000 in Quiksilver gear. Like the pants somebody ripped off this poster.’