MiC‘s K-I-S-S Pick: cyber lullabies

To promote the launch of a new Huggies infant diaper, Mindshare found a way of engaging new mums while they're engaged with their new babies.

Crooning lullabies to newborns is about as old as it gets. But doing so with musical accompaniment at the click of a computer mouse is brand new. The concept was concocted by Mindshare Interaction, the direct response division of Toronto-HQ’d Mindshare Canada, says digital director Val Buckley.

The client was Wisconsin-based Kimberly-Clark, or K-C, as the venerable company is now known, and Mindshare’s assignment was to promote the launch of Huggies new Supreme Natural Fit diapers. So, she says, ‘to find a way to reach moms and babies when they’re bonding, we partnered (our client) with todaysparent.com.’ The Canadian magazine liked the idea of cyber lullabies so much that it reprogrammed its media player to add sing-along capabilities to the ‘Baby’ section of its website. ‘Click on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, for example, and a branded real player comes up,’ Buckley explains. One more click and Mum can croon the tune into a tiny ear with musical accompaniment.

The initiative, which Buckley says was a first for both K-C and Today’s Parent, went live early this month and will conclude at the end of December, when the rollout of the new, better-fitting infant Huggies is complete.