Chasing well-heeled golfers? Fancy a hole in one? Read on…

What's the best place to reach a golfer? For those of you who answered 'golf course,' try not to get a club in the head when you're chasing your target demo from hole to hole. For everybody else, try pitching luxury vehicles when your target's behind the wheel of a golf cart.

Toronto-based Abcon Media, known for its Boom Ad and parking gate advertising, is now taking the wheel for bringing major advertisers on board for spots on golf-cart-mounted LCD screens in Canada. Developed by Vancouver-based GPS Industries, the Inforemer-HD mobile screens give golfers tools like graphical layouts of each hole, automated score-keeping, and even the ability to order a snack or drink. Ads are typically sold as full pages, banners or side panels.

GPS director of marketing and communications Steven Barrett says the company has been selling the Inforemer-HD systems worldwide for about three years now. Primarily local advertising was sold by golf courses as a means to recover the cost of the systems. ‘Up until last quarter, we had been working on an ad hoc basis with golf courses,’ says Barrett. ‘If they requested assistance with media sales, then we would provide it.’ This year, GPS handed advertising administration rights to Toronto-based GolfSmart Media, which inked the deal with Abcon last week.

GolfSmart Media executive Marvyn Budd says the Inforemer-HD systems offer advertisers exposure at more than 20 locations in Canada (several locations include more than one course). Most of the locations are located in southern Ontario and southern BC, with fewer in Alberta and Quebec, and none so far in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Over the next six months, the focus is on expansion in regions around Toronto and Vancouver. ‘We have commitments for access to 400,000 to 500,000 unique golfers at public play courses in 2007,’ says Budd. ‘I don’t know of any other media opportunity that gives you access to that many golfers in Canada. We’re providing access to a fairly sought-after demographic in a very relaxed, captive environment.’

GPS’ target demographic has a household income of about $125,000; 55% are university educated, 80% own one home and 20% own multiple properties; 93% invest in mutual funds, 59% in stocks, 28% in bonds; 40% take vacation twice every year; 93% own high-end electronics; and most own or lease two or more vehicles. Ads at Alberta Springs Golf Resort, to name one Inforemer-HD-equipped location, are seen for an average of 10 seconds.

Abcon Media president and CEO Les Abro says the company plans to take the Inforemer-HD option to marketers for a variety of high-end auto and technology products. ‘We’ll be looking for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and all the high-end products, even Rogers Communications. The sky is the limit.’