Pampers puts viral spin on popular seasonal spot

P&G's trusted diaper brand is putting its popular sleeping-baby holiday ad online. Watching it brings a sense of peace during the hectic Christmas shopping craze. It's a momentary relief, a reminder that there's hope - and just the kind of feeling you can't help forwarding to a friend.

For the past three years, P&G has used the same commercial – a stylish montage of sleeping babies by Saatchi and Saatchi – to spread a message symbolizing peace and hope for its Pampers brand. This holiday season, the baby and toddler care marketers at P&G have made the video available online for the first time and tied it to a customized viral e-card charity campaign.

Parents can customize the e-cards by uploading a picture of their own child. The digital card and commercial are enhanced with an audio rendition of ‘Silent Night.’ For every card sent, Pampers will donate a dollar to March of Dimes Canada (with a guaranteed donation of $4,000).

Other international versions of the spot, aligned with other charities, can be found on YouTube. The holiday commercial is used globally. Carat handled media buys for North America. In the US, a similar campaign e-card kicked off on Dec. 8 as a fundraiser for America’s Second Harvest. The digital campaign in US and Canada runs until Jan. 2, 2007.