Putting the pleasure in Travel

No, it's not a revival of that Cinemax show about an Internet dating service. The Pleasure Zone, a new Canadian original on Travel + Escape targeting newlyweds and 30-somethings, is about adding sexual exploration into the fun of the world's most exotic destinations.

Travel + Escape, freshly re-branded last fall by CTV to put an edge on its former travel channel, is sexing up their late-night programming with a Valentine’s Day premiere of The Pleasure Zone, a six-part original series airing at 11 pm ET/ 12 Midnight PT. The show follows six couples around the world on their quests to explore ancient techniques and alternative methods for enhancing sexual pleasure.

Couples learn Tantra in India, turn their bodies into the ultimate artist’s canvas in Mexico, dance their way into the bedroom in Brazil, and push the boundaries of their sexual experience in Japan and Thailand. The Pleasure Zone targets both sexes, putting the sexual explorations into context for couples looking to ultimately reach higher levels of intimacy – although tensions arise when such exploits dredge up personal issues that threaten the comfort levels within relationships.

Advertising opportunities are available for The Pleasure Zone, while those who purchased a prime + ros plan will potentially have ads air during the show, as that is how the channel is sold.

The CTV Travel Channel re-branded as Travel + Escape at the end of October 2006. Click here to read MiC‘s coverage.