Curling wins more than Little Mosque
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – March 5-11, 2007

The CBC has enjoyed consistent spots on the Top 30 and million-plus audiences with Little Mosque on the Prairie and Hockey Night in Canada. Now, Curling is drawing eyeballs...

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – March 5-11.

Monday: CTV’s CSI: Miami won the night with an 1.964 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot, down from 2.393 million the previous week (and 2.586 the week before last). The net won the 8 pm time slot as well with Corner Gas, at 1.794 million, against Global’s Prison Break, which got 1.36 million (a slight increase over the previous charts). The Corner Gas lead-in served CTV well in keeping 1.23 millon viewers around for The Class. Global’s 24 won the net the 9 pm time slot, attracting 1.532 million, a jump from 1.36 million on the previous week’s chart. CTV’s 9 pm offering, Law & Order: CI, got 1.188 million.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol won the night (and the number one spot on the chart) with an average 2.522 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot, almost consistent with the previous week. Global’s House got second place on the chart with a 2.495 million average in the 9 pm time slot, a strong win over CTV’s Criminal Minds, which got 1.153 million. At 10 pm, CTV’s Law & Order: SVU raked in 1.55 million, down from 2.143 million the previous week (and 1.786 million the week before that).

Wednesday: CTV’s American Idol won the 8 pm time slot with a 2.456 million average, a slight fall from the previous 2.477 million. The net’s CSI: New York took the night’s second highest numbers, drawing an average 1.42 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot (down from 2.413 million the previous week). Lost, in the 9 pm time slot, raked in 1.225 million viewers, a jump from 1.024 million the previous week (which had the program in the 7 pm time slot). Global’s Crossing Jordan wasn’t too far behind, with an average 1.114 million viewers against Lost. CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie got 1.128 million against Idol‘s 8 pm time slot.

Thursday: CTV’s CSI is back, taking the night’s top numbers with an average 2.219 million viewers in the 9 pm time slot. Global’s Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? got 1.75 million against CSI, a jump of more than a quarter million over the previous week’s average. The 8 pm time slot went to CTV’s American Idol Special, which raked in 2.149 million viewers against Global’s Survivor: Fiji, settled into the time slot’s second place with 2.02 million viewers, down from 2.251 million on the last national chart. CTV’s Criminal Minds won the 10 pm time slot with a 1.279 million average, a drop from 1.389 million the previous week.

Friday: Global’s Numb3rs won Friday night with an average 1.194 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot. The show got a healthy lead-in from the net’s Las Vegas in the 9 pm time slot, which got 1.167 million (up from 1.018 the previous week). CTV’s Ghost Whisperer won the 8 pm time slot with 1.076 million, down from 1.21 million on the previous chart. CTV’s Law & Order kept an average of 1.098 in the 10 pm time slot, a slight drop from 1.118 million.

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada – Game One – averaged 1.359 million viewers, airing from 7 pm to 10:08 pm, recovering from a slight drop the previous week. Prior to this chart, averages for game one have gone from 1.708 million to 1.321.

Sunday: CTV’s Amazing Race is the night’s champion, with an average 2.063 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot, a slight climb from 1.935 million the previous week. The net took the 9 pm time slot with a 1.59 million average for Cold Case. CBC, however, made the Top 30 with its second strong weekend sports offering – Curling. It raked in an average 1.221 million viewers, airing from 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

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