CBC unveils UGC-fueled Exposure

The premise is eerily close to one of the other nets' summer blockbusters, but the ceeb is putting its own bid in on the search for the next great filmmaker.

CBC is launching a user-generated content microsite that lets users upload short digital films for a chance to get on TV. The online community-driven microsite cbc.ca/exposure gets up and running on June 17, and Exposure hits the air on July 29 in the 11 pm time slot.

The microsite (not currently sponsored) will allow users to upload short digital films, videos and animations. Users can rate and comment on the content. Each week, the most popular films will compete for prizes in the Yahoo! Showdown, which gets viewers voting on the action. Prizes will also be woven into Exposure‘s on-air season finale.

On TV, Exposure will put industry experts to work judging the highest-rated films. The winner at the end of it all gets a development deal worth $25,000, which sounds a lot like CTV’s summer blockbuster On the Lot – even if it’s a smaller prize and it’s not backed by the likes of Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett.