Notes From the Media Landscape: Product placement showing up on YouTube

Guess it was only a matter of time before someone decided to leverage the worldwide popularity of Lonelygirl15.

The bogus video diary of Lonelygirl15 was outed months ago as a stunt by two wannabe filmmakers from California. But that hasn’t prevented ‘Bree’ from endlessly blogging and posting spots to YouTube and Revver – or fans around the globe from remaining fascinated by her ramblings.

To Dallas-based marketing agency TracyLocke, that sounded like an opportunity just ripe for leveraging by a major marketer such as, say, Hershey. And that’s exactly who recently signed a product-placement deal with Lonelygirl15 for its Icebreakers Sours Gum.

And so it was that Bree began offering that brand of chewies to her pals on screen in her blog a few weeks ago, while a camera zoomed in for a product shot. Her creators quickly engaged agents at L.A. biggie Creative Artists Agency to scout other such hook-ups. And a spot showing Bree handing out Icebreakers is reportedly slated to appear on YouTube in the near future.