Summer vacation spending: NMR Spend Trend

It seems that dailies enjoy sunny downtime more than other ad media do.

School’s out for summer and it looks likes newspapers are going along for some fun in the sun. Dailies rule in this category, with more than 60% of total spend, while TV and magazines come in with distant second- and third-place rankings.

Marketers in this category run the gamut from boats and other watercraft, camping equipment, motor homes and trailers through to sporting goods, camps, hotels and resorts.

Total National Media Spend – Q2 – Summer vacation

  Q2 2003 Q2 2004 Q2 2005 Q2 2006
Total $34,460,194 34,718,688 39,989,372 39,130,158

National Q2 2006 Total Spend by Medium


Dailies: $23,834,554 (60.9%)
Magazines: $3,802,340 (9.7%)
Out of Home: $1,456,996 (3.7%)
Radio: $1,634,171 (4.2%)
Total TV: $8,402,097 (21.5%)

National Q2 2006 – Top 5 Spenders – Summer vacation
1) Ontario Hotels & Resorts – Misc. Ontario Hotels & Resorts – (Hotels & resorts)
2) Forzani Group Ltd. – Sport Check Sporting Goods Stores – (Sporting goods stores)
3) Golf Town – Golf Town Sporting Goods Stores – (Sporting goods stores)
4) Club Piscine Inc. – Club Piscine Super Fitness Equipment Centres – (Sporting goods stores)
5) Fitness Depot – Fitness Depot Fitness Equipment Stores – (Sporting goods stores)

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