Sports, events and entertainment: Nielsen Media Research Spend Trend

Dailies are taking centre stage when it comes to ad spend for leisure pastimes.

Dailies are the preferred showcase for marketers in this category, and for consumers making entertainment choices. TV also gets a good chunk of the ad dollars, with only small slices left over for other media.

Aside from the top five spenders, this category also includes art galleries; circuses; home, craft and lifestyles shows; sportsmen, sport, auto, travel and air shows; and video arcades and billiard halls.

Total National Media Spend – Q3 – Sports, events and entertainment

  Q3 2003 Q3 2004 Q3 2005 Q3 2006
Total $46,106,708 45,470,758 51,046,016 60,216,449

National Q3 2006 Total Spend by Medium


Dailies $41,618,041 (69.1%)
Magazines: $2,137,680 (3.5%)
Out of Home: $2,261,407 (3.8%)
Radio: $2,890,976 (4.8%)
Total TV: $11,308,345 (18.8%)

National Q3 2006 – Top 5 Spenders – Sports, events and entertainment
1) Misc performances in clubs/theatres/stadiums – Performances in clubs, theatres, stadiums – (Theatre/sport venues/ticket agents/performers)
2) AMC Entertainment Inc. – Cineplex Odeon Theatres Movie Listing – (Movie theatre chains)
3) Misc. sporting events/groups, sports tracks – Sporting events touring groups – (Sporting events & groups, sports tracks)
4) Gestion Juste Pour Rire – Just for Laughs Festival – (Carnivals/festivals/exhibitions/fairs/enviro & farm shows)
5) Monty Python’s Spamalot Musical – Monty Python’s Spamalot Musical – (Theatre, sport venues, ticket agents, performers)

The preceding data is from the Nielsen Media Research, AdExpenditures. For more information, please contact Andrea Beach, .