Three TV spenders leave the ranks, three new ones arrive – Eloda – July 28-August 3, 2007

KFC stayed in the ranks since mid-June... until now. The TV spender handed its previous rank to one of three new advertisers on the chart.

New to the list of top 15 TV advertisers this week are Johnson & Johnson at #9, Daimler Chrysler at #12 and Molson at #14. Nestle showed the biggest climb, jumping from #13 to #5. Subway fell four spots to #11. Reckitt Benckiser slipped five to #15. Quebecor (after a brief showing at #8), KFC and McCain (after a few weeks in the ranks) have now fallen off the charts. All info below was gathered through Montreal-based Eloda’s online TV ad tracking, auditing and viewing services, and all data is based on its recording grid.