CTV signs deal for TMZ series

CanWest's new E! News daily will have to face more than CTV's eTalk in daily celeb news coverage.

CTVglobemedia has inked a deal with Warner Bros for multiplatform rights to the massively popular TMZ.com brand – and a new daily entertainment series. The deal gives CTV Canadian broadcast rights for the TMZ series, along with exclusive use of any TMZ.com content – stories, sources, photos and video – which the net plans to make available on CTV.ca through a round-the-clock newsfeed.

The new half-hour series, TMZ, will air on both CTV and Star. CTV will slot it at 1 am and Star will air it weeknights at 11:30 pm, starting Monday, September 10. On-demand content and eps will also be made available on the net’s broadband network.

CTV President of Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group Susanne Boyce, who brokered the deal, calls TMZ ‘one of the fastest-rising entertainment properties in the world.’ She adds that the new TMZ series will be a good companion series to the net’s eTalk.

Warner Bros. International Television President Jeffrey R. Schlesinger says the TMZ property is ‘a unique opportunity for a broadcaster to thrive in the digital age and reach viewers in a variety of ways, as the unprecedented deal for TMZ on TV also includes several groundbreaking, multiplatform elements that integrate television programming with the Internet in ways never before seen.’