In production: Search & Rescue

The real Coast Guard is helping create the fictionalized action-drama about its adventures.

Search & Rescue, a West Coast action-drama based on the lives of four members of the Coast Guard, is aiming to lure viewers away from the US competition when it airs on Global in March, says XP/creator Raymond Storey (Wind at My Back).

He describes the revamped series as ‘a uniquely Canadian, action-oriented show. It’s definitely adult, built for the 10 o’clock prime-time drama slot.’ The show delves into the fictionalized lives of four members of a Canadian search-and-rescue team serving in the Pacific Northwest. ‘Search & Rescue explores the stories of these four imperfect, deeply flawed heroes with dysfunctional lives,’ who are played by Jeremy Guilbaut (Edgemont), Zoie Palmer (Instant Star), Claudette Mink (The Days) and Steve Bacic (Andromeda).

The $20-million series is shooting in Squamish, a small town about 50 kilometres from Vancouver. Squamish was chosen, says Storey, because ‘The scenery of ocean and mountains will be visually appealing, and there is a sense of wilderness and danger.’ Another key factor in the show’s potential success is the ability to work with the real Canadian Armed Forces and Coast Guard. ‘We couldn’t afford to buy the equipment. They’re offering expertise and manpower,’ Storey explains. ‘You can’t make up this stuff.’

From Playback Daily