Staples helping women entrepreneurs think big

The office supplies biggie is now the signature sponsor for an initiative that's aiming to connect with Canada's female business owners.

Shortly after Women Entrepreneurs of Canada had a sit-down with Staples Business Depot recently – pointing out that 850,000 Canadian women run their own businesses and contribute more than $18 billion to the domestic economy – a partnership was formed.

The Toronto-HQ’d office supplies retailer is now the signature sponsor for a far-reaching WEC initiative that’s aimed at helping female entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses, while raising general awareness about their vital role in leading industries.

Staples’ role in what WEC calls the ‘Think Big’ program is helping with research, outreach and educational programs. Along the way, it will co-promote seminars for entrepreneurs in its stores across Canada. The company will also contribute to the development of a rich media campaign which includes the creation of Think Big! Growth Toolkit, an online magazine that’s set to debut next year.

‘Women entrepreneurs are thinking big and making a big impact in every industry across the country,’ says Lori Ross, Staples Business Depot’s VP of marketing. ‘Investing in women-owned businesses that ‘think big’ is an investment in our overall economic success.’