CTV puts Duel in pre-Christmas prime time

The new game-show-like event will be a six-day countdown to choose a winner who gets $1.5 million.

CTV is set to launch a tournament-style competition series called Duel on Monday, December 17 at 8 pm ET. The show, hosted by ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, is a six-night battle of the wits between 20 contestants looking to walk away with a $1.5-million grand prize. The six eps will air in the net’s prime time sked over five days, with the finale slotted for Sunday, December 23. The show comes from ABC in the US.

Duel combines trivia challenges (like those on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?) with poker-like strategy. The contestants go head-to-head, with three duels per ep, playing each other for chips. Getting one question wrong means losing a match and throwing a chip into the house jackpot, while the winner gets to choose his/her next opponent. Contestants on the show include a punk rock astro-physicist, an opera-singing fireman, a supermodel beauty with a Harvard law degree and a retired welder who writes computer programs for fun.