Oscars averages slip from last year –
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Feb. 18-24

As expected, the appearance of three Academy Awards-related programs in the Top 10 pushed some scripted and reality shows down the list. But all three Oscar chart-toppers together lost thousands of viewers from last year's averages.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM/Nielsen, for Feb. 18-24.

News and daily shows: CTV Evening News at 6 pm fell five spots to #10 with an average minute audience of 1.44 million viewers (down from 1.542 million). The net’s Jeopardy/Access Hollywood at 7:30 pm fell one spot to #17 with 1.046 million (down from 1.159 million). Global National at 5:30 pm climbed three spots to #21 with 940,000 (down from 967,000), while News Hour at 6 pm stayed at #27 with 892,000 (down from 948,000). CTV’s Oprah at 4 pm hit #28 with 869,000, while Dr. Phil at 5 pm fell three spots to #29 with 868,000 (down from 951,000).

Monday: CTV’s Corner Gas at 8 pm fell four spots to #11 with 1.409 million (down from 1.476 million), while Welcome to the Captain at 8:30 pm stayed at #23 with 915,000 (down from 968,000). Global’s Prison Break at 8 pm fell three spots to #12 with 1.271 million (down from 1.441 million). CBC’s 8 pm offering, The Week the Women Went, hit #22 with 929,000. At 9 pm, CTV’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fell two spots to #20 with 949,000 (down from 1.111 million) against Global’s House, which climbed three spots to #26 with 892,000 (down from 908,000). CTV’s Medium won the 10 pm time slot with no competition on the national chart, attracting 1.142 million viewers (up from the 1.08 million averaged by CSI: Miami in that time slot the previous week).

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol, airing 8-10 pm, fell to #4 with 2.236 million (down from 2.645 million). Global’s NCIS jumped seven spots to #18 with 1.012 million (up from 965,000). CBC’s Rick Mercer Report hit #30 with 856,000 viewers.

Wednesday: CTV’s American Idol, airing 8-10 pm, fell to #3 with 2.512 million (down from 2.566 million), followed by Law & Order, which stayed at #8 with 1.794 million (up from 1.472 million). CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie at 8 pm hit #25 with 898,000 viewers.

Thursday: Global’s Survivor: Micronesia at 8 pm won the night, falling two spots to #5 with 1.978 million (down from 2.101 million), against CTV’s American Idol Special, which hit #6 with 1.845 million. CTV’s Lost at 9 pm fell three spots to #9 with 1.615 million (up from 1.498 million) against Global’s Celebrity Apprentice, which stayed at #15 with 1.089 million (down from 1.191 million).

Friday: CTV’s Ghost Whisperer at 9 pm was the only show to hit the chart. It reached #19 with 950,000 viewers.

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Game One, airing 7:08-10:12 pm, climbed one spot to #13 with 1.151 million (down from 1.197 million). CTV’s Saturday-Sunday average for weekend news at 6 pm fell four spots to #16 with 1.078 million (down from 1.247 million). The net’s W-Five at 7 pm hit #24 with 902,000 viewers.

Sunday: CTV’s Academy Awards broadcast, airing 8:30-11:50 pm, took #1 with 4.424 million (down from 4.895 million on last year’s national chart). The pre-show at 8 pm hit #2 with 2.778 million (down from 3.198 million last year), and the Barbara Walters special hit #7 with 1.823 million (down from 2.217 million last year).

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