LavalifePrime partnering with, Axe

The aim of both initiatives is to help single Canadian 'zoomers' have happier dating experiences.

To give Cupid a helping hand, an exclusive partnership has just been forged between LavalifePrime – a social dating site exclusively for singles ages 45+ – and, a leading provider of online content for mature Canadians which was recently acquired by former Citytv mogul Moses Znaimer.

‘Boomers, or ‘zoomers,’ as I now refer to them, are extremely Internet savvy,’ notes Znaimer, who adds that ‘over 7 million Canadian zoomers are online. They are also a socially and sexually active group. Many. . . are still looking to stay social and meet interesting people who are in the same life stage as they are.’

Thanks to the new hook-up, zoomers registered with will be able to view LavalifePrime members’ complete profiles and use the site’s instant chat and social networking features.

‘This partnership has the ability to connect Canadian boomers like never before,’ says Lavalife CEO Marina Glogovac. ‘Boomers are the fastest-growing segment of the population, and by partnering with Moses Znaimer and, we hope to connect more single boomers across Canada and provide the best possible social dating experience.’

In other news from the, shall we say prime-time dating scene, Lavalife and Unilever’s Axe joined together to develop a survey ‘to give men insights into how superior skin care could mean more sexy skin-on-skin contact.’ The results, says Lavalife editor-in-chief Kim Hughes, were clear. ‘This survey will help men learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to their personal hygiene.’

The survey asked more than 800 women what makes a man more appealing. About 66% said they go for well-groomed, conscientious guys, versus only 7% who confessed to preferring ‘hairy bad boys.’ Fully 95% agreed that when a man uses a shower gel to moisturize, scrub and smooth the skin, it helps make him more irresistible.

Results of the survey will be used in Axe’s upcoming online advertorial campaign in Canada, which showcases scenarios in which moisturized, smooth skin may help men have happier dating experiences.