Feisty Znaimer takes aim at CBC Radio

It's a characteristically provocative gambit by the founding Citytv mogul to draw attention to a major revamp of his own classical music stations.

Founding Citytv mogul Moses Znaimer acquired Toronto classical radio stations 96.3 FM and 103.1 FM last year, officially relaunching them in September. Since then, he and his team have significantly upgraded their content, sound, websites and listener engagement elements.

Now, in what Moses watchers would doubtless consider a characteristically provocative gambit, Znaimer has issued a feisty news release about the enhancements. Rather than merely detailing what’s new, he issued a take-that blow to CBC that smacks of a wannabe duelist slapping an enemy with a glove.

Headlined ‘Attention CBC Radio 2 classical music listeners!,’ the release goes on to say, ‘Keep calm and carry on – there is an all-classical alternative [and CBC can no longer] claim there is no other source for classical music in English Canada.’

The new and improved 96.3 FM boasts:

▪ ‘promotional stops for every major classical artist on tour,’ including a recent visit by famed pianist Lang Lang (pictured with Znaimer);

▪ ‘Live in The Concert Lobby,’ a series of interactive hours of ‘Concert and Conversation’ with top classical artists;

▪ revitalized morning, drive-home and late-night shows with the station’s CJs (aka ‘Classical Jocks’), the re-introduction of vocal music and more themed weekend programming, including a By-Request Hour and Sunday Night at the Opera; and

▪ the ‘premiere’ source for breaking news in the classical music world, information on the arts including season announcements, special concerts and awards ceremonies and up-to-the-minute news, traffic and weather.

Coming up – in a strategy reminiscent of the roving teams of newscam-equipped reporters he introduced at Citytv – Znaimer will dispatch ‘the Classical Corps,’ a battalion of mobile young reporters who will cover a multitude of cultural events. Also in the works is what’s described as ‘a classical-music game show.’

In addition to reaching listening audiences across the Greater Toronto Area, Znaimer’s stations can be heard 24/7, across Canada and worldwide, at www.classical963fm.com and on Channel 963 for Bell ExpressVu subscribers.