APRAIS arrives in Canada today

A partnership with AdROI has brought the global company here 'to improve the business value of relationships for clients and communication agencies,' as it's done in 20+ other countries since 1998.

Billed as ‘the only proven global system for measuring and managing business relationships between marketing companies and their communication agencies,’ UK-HQ’d APRAIS launches in Canada today.

APRAIS has operated its ‘unique 360-degree relationship measurement and management system’ in more than 20 countries since 1998, but it took a new partnership with AdROI to bring the company to Canada.

‘Our system is proven in over 2,500 relationships and can provide normative data for comparison of performance by industry,’ says global CEO Tony Geary. ‘We know that our unique combination of benchmarked metrics and expert interpretation is the most constructive approach towards relationship management.’

The system is structured around online quantitative and qualitative data collection, Geary explains, adding that ‘the key differentiator for APRAIS is the vast experience, resultant database and critical insights based on real case histories and important benchmarks.’

‘Agencies are often unaware of both the problems and the opportunities in their existing base of clients because their focus is often on new business,’ says AdROI partner Adrian Sark. Adds another partner, Rupert Brendon, ‘The average duration of client-agency relationships continues to decline from seven years to about five years in Canada. Now we have a proven tool that is geared to timely, continuous improvement.’