Disney’s social net targets young gamers

Disney Interactive Studios is set to integrate DGamer into all video game titles released online and through consoles, starting with a big movie tie-in in May.

Disney Interactive Studios is launching a new social network targeting kids aged 8-13, tying it in with the release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on the Nintendo DS.

DGamer is an online community experience that lets children create avatars, build friends lists and interact with each other. Users will be required to register through Disney.com. Parents will be a secondary target, as the community involves parental safety controls.

The online community is the result of a partnership with Nintendo, as it will target kids both on the Nintendo DS and online PC gamers. All Disney-branded titles on the Nintendo DS will tie in with DGamer.com. Disney plans to extend the online community to sync with gamers on the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and mobile phones.

The site was live this week and officially launches on May 15, while a big marketing campaign is being planned for fall 2008. Details about Canadian media or ad agencies involved in the campaign were not available at press time. Toronto’s High Road Communication handling Canadian media relations for DGamer and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Disney Interactive Studios reports that, with respect to marketer integration opps with DGamer, they are ‘constantly evaluating future opportunities for the community.’ The launch of DGamer marks Disney’s second Web 2.0 venture, after Club Penguin, which has over 700,000 paying members.