Pepsi, Mazda fuel up for contest

With the slogan 'Max your ride, fuel your drive,' the two mega-marketers are offering the chance to win eight 'tricked out' Mazda3 Sport GTs.

The makers of Pepsi and new Diet Pepsi Max soft drinks are giving Canadians the chance to win eight Mazda3 Sport GT vehicles – plus a $2,500 options allowance to ‘trick out’ the roadsters but good – plus free fuel.

With the slogan ‘Max your ride, fuel your drive,’ the national contest requires only online entries with unique PIN codes from specially marked products. Those who don’t win cars are still eligible to receive 1,500 $25 gas cards.

‘This contest is an innovative way to reward our loyal customers, giving them a chance to enjoy the open road in a brand new Mazda,’ says Dale Hooper, VP of marketing at Pepsi-QTG Canada. ‘And at a time when prices at the pumps are climbing, this gives customers a chance to fuel up their cars.’

The contest is being promoted with public relations, promotional packaging and in-store merchandising. Rather than focusing on traditional media outlets, PraxisPR is targeting online blogs, websites and forums dedicated to car enthusiasts, contests and Pepsi lovers, each of which received a press release. The Mississauga, Ont.-based agency is also posting promos for the contest on popular social networking sites including Facebook.

Promotional packaging was created by Toronto’s Capital C, and includes special labels and closures and in-store POS merchandising ranging from cooler clings and wobblers to vending snipe and tent cards.