Doritos ‘Collisions’ picks a chip ad fight

Frito Lay's new effort incites consumers to battle for their favourite flavours in thumb-waged warfare.

Doritos is giving control back to the consumer with its new ‘Doritos Collisions’ campaign, developed by Proximity and BBDO. The first of its kind in Canada, the campaign will challenge the consumer to mix-and-match two new flavours – Hot Wings and Blue Cheese – in one bag.

‘The Doritos brand is all about putting the consumer in control,’ says Beverly Altberg, Doritos marketing manager, Frito Lay Canada. ‘The Collisions campaign is one of our most exciting in that it offers control with the flavours as well as advertising.’ The campaign integrates online, television, outdoor and mobile advertising, featuring a classic battle for dominance between ‘Hot Wings’ (represented by a cowboy) and ‘Blue Cheese’ (represented by a debonair Parisian).

TV and online video ads direct viewers to the Collisions microsite at, where consumers can choose their desired flavour and respective side in the battle. Their choice leads them to corresponding Facebook groups where they can view the commercials and engage with the campaign and with other consumers who have also picked sides.

Starting today in seven cities across Canada – Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver – Doritos will launch an interactive OOH projection campaign, combined with an SMS component of action keywords that sync with the video clips. Consumers can use their mobile device to text either Wing or Blue, causing the characters in the projections to interact. ‘Collisions represents a new level of creative integration,’ says John Gagne, VP, creative director at Proximity. ‘A traffic channel-agnostic idea, with seamless integration across online, television, outdoor and mobile – this is the way forward.’

In addition, a 60-second commercial will run in select theatres in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver during July.

Doritos has a history of giving consumers control. For the past six years, it’s sponsored the Doritos Fan Choice Award at the Juno Awards, and earlier this year Doritos’ ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ campaign allowed Canadians to vote for their choice of video montage, shown in a 60-second commercial during the broadcast.