CBC ups ante in musical hockey fracas

After enduring weeks of sneers for 'losing' the beloved HNIC musical theme to CTV, the Ceeb is inviting Canadians to help choose a replacement - and concocting some swell programming during the process.

Ending weeks of speculation about how CBC would redress its loss of Hockey Night in Canada‘s musical theme to CTV, CBC Sports announced yesterday that it will indeed invite Canadians to help find a replacement.

‘Between now and October, we invite musicians to create – and everyone in the country to help us select – the perfect new music to represent the most famous hockey broadcast in the world,’ says CBC Sports exec director Scott Moore. ‘With Canada’s Hockey Anthem Challenge, we will create a new theme for the Hockey Nation, something that will tell the world what CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada is all about.’

Until August 31, Canadian residents will be able to submit their musical creations to the new Canada’s Hockey Anthem Challenge website, where they will be available for online review and rating. At least five semi-finalists will be presented to the country on a network television special on Oct. 4, when a panel of celebrity judges will weigh in with their views – after which Canadians will have a chance to vote for their favourite.

The following week, two finalists will be revealed at the beginning of CBC’S HNIC double-header on Thursday, Oct. 9, and fans will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the ultimate winner. HNIC‘s new theme will be revealed on Saturday, Oct. 11.

Along with the most sought-after musical bragging rights in the country, the winning composer will receive $100,000 in cash. He or she will subsequently receive half of the ongoing performance royalties, with the other half going to Canadian minor league hockey.