Canoe portal appoints web leaders

Canoe's web leadership team is getting a shuffle. has announced four senior appointments to its web leadership team: Marie-Claude Massie is GM of portals, responsible for both English- and French-language content; Wade Hynes is GM of Sun Media Interactive Services, responsible for the web presence of all of Sun Media newspapers across Canada – over 300 websites; Patrick Tapp is director of strategic alliances and Canoe Klix, the company’s advertising network; and Stephen Evans is the new chief technology officer.

Canoe reports that a comScore Media Metrix study of January 2008 confirmed the Canoe Network attracts over 8.6 million unique visitors every month, including more than 4.1 million in Quebec. The portal includes information verticals such as Cnews, Slam!, Jam! and Lifewise, as well as the Sun Media newspaper sites. It also includes,,,,, and