Notes from the mediascape: Crest trying CGC for new flavour

For its upcoming Wintergreen Ice toothpaste, the P&G brand is inviting American YouTube fans to come up with a catchphrase as punchy as Emeril Lagasse's 'Bam!'

As part of Crest’s prep for the introduction of a new toothpaste flavour in the US next month, the P&G brand has turned to YouTube.

The goal is to get consumers to come up with a catchphrase for Wintergreen Ice that will be as ear-catching as ‘Bam!’ proved to be when Crest borrowed it from New Orleans celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse for Crest Whitening Expressions in 2003.

From Sept. 15 through Oct. 17, American consumers can post video submissions of what they deem winning phrases. Whichever one Lagasse and a panel of judges declares the best will be used in upcoming TV spots advertising the new flavour. Wintergreen Ice will replace Lemon Ice – a CGC-produced moniker chosen in 2005.

With creative by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, TV spots featuring Lagasse interacting with catchphrase competitors performing their submissions American Idol-style will break down South next month.