National radio first hits airwaves

'Two Strangers' interactive matchmaking competition comes to Calgary's Energy 101.5 FM.

‘Two Strangers and a Wedding,’ a social experiment made popular by radio stations around the globe, has hit the airwaves of Calgary’s Energy 101.5 FM. Airing on Freeway and Meg in the Morning weekdays from 5:30 am to 9 am, the new interactive match-making event aims to change the lives of two Calgarians who won’t meet until their wedding day.

Advertisers who want a piece of the action can still do so. Program sponsors so far include CTV Calgary and Country Mills Toyota, which will be providing successful couples with ‘his and her’ cars. Couples who wed will also receive a honeymoon package to Australia provided by Downunder Travel service.

With a weekly reach of 100,000 listeners across the Calgary area, the station promoted the series by word-of-mouth, as well as billboards and online ads on social sites like Facebook, all created in-house at CTV. An in-your-face promo also saw a team of models dressed as brides and grooms handing out flyers to passersby at Calgary’s C-train stations.

Energy 101.5 is owned by Chum Radio, a division of CTVglobemedia.