SavvyMom Media launches CGC site

New online city guide brings local tips to a national audience of on-the-go moms.

SavvyMom Media Inc., publisher of bi-weekly newsletter SavvyMom Today, ( and monthly food guide EatSavvy, is extending its market reach with (, a user-driven city guide site with resource tips and tidbits for moms across the country.

Recently launched nationwide, the site invites moms to ask or answer questions about mom-friendly finds, and to post reviews of local favourites, from restaurants and toy stores to community centres, camps, spas, gyms and parks. Depending on who is posting and what they wish to share, local information can be city-wide or neighbourhood-specific.

‘Moms like to share,’ Minnow Hamilton, managing editor and co-founder of SavvyMom Media, tells MiC. ‘That is one thing we know. Over the past three years we have received hundreds of submissions from readers who want to share their finds, but they are not always relevant to the wider SavvyMom audience. allows us to deliver the ‘micro-local’ content we know is so important to moms. It’s still tried and tested, as is the SavvyMom mandate, but this time it is from our readers instead of from us.’

While currently has 100,000 page views a month, projections indicate traffic on will double that number. Since the new site launched last Tuesday, the site has seen 24,000 visitors with twice as many page views per visit than

Advertising, currently the main source of revenue for the site reaching moms across Canada with children aged 0-8, is available in all standard IAB ad units on, from leaderboard to skyscraper and big box formats.

Current sponsors on include Whirlpool and President’s Choice, and advertisers on include President’s Choice Financial, Smuckers, Stouffers, Ford and Carnation.

‘ taps into what moms do naturally – share helpful information with other mothers,’ explains Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and Toronto Star and Yahoo! Canada blogger.

As an incentive to post information on the site, SavvyMom offers prizes worth over $2,000 from Whirlpool and President’s Choice until Nov. 15, with each Savvy post giving the user an entry to win a random draw.