New media agency is pro-’green’

Nanaimo, BC-based Reynaert Media is offering eco-friendly media options, and Aboriginal media expertise.

With 15 years of advertising experience to his name, Koen Reynaert is launching a new independent media agency in Nanaimo, BC, next month. Reynaert Media will reach out to local advertisers and creative agencies with a ‘go-green’ attitude.

Aside from providing media planning, media buying, research and consulting, the agency will focus on green marketing and an eco/sustainable message with Green Media Solutions. The ‘green’ efforts are also evident in Reynaert’s home-based office, which uses recycled paper, Energy Star computers, CFL lights and eco-friendly indoor paint.

‘As British Columbia is often seen as the ‘Green Mecca’ in Canada, Reynaert Media is reaching out to all companies that want to share their care about the environment with the population,’ says Reynaert, who tells MiC that he is also working on a database of Canadian publications printed on eco-friendly paper and an eco ratings point system.

The agency will also focus on Aboriginal media. Reynaert has almost five years’ experience in targeting the Aboriginal populations from his time at Winnipeg-based McKim Cringan George, where he worked in media planning and buying as well as researching consumer and trade campaigns for the APTN account.