iPhone adds Moose commuter biz book

The first business book available as an iPhone application is Canadian. And it's about marketing.

Canadian business consultant and author Jim Clemmer is taking advantage of the popularity of the iPhone by offering his books as applications. His latest book, Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work, is the first business title available for the iPhone.

The Clemmer Group’s marketing director, Aidan Crawford, came up with the idea when he noticed there were 160 books listed as iPhone applications, but none was related to business. Calling them ‘commuter books,’ Crawford hopes to appeal to the massive number of business people with time to kill on their way to the office, or even while standing in line for their morning coffee. ‘It’s a convenient way to have a book on you at all times,’ he says. The iPhone books are also searchable, making them even more convenient than the print versions.

Moose on the Table, a ‘business fable’ about a middle manager overcoming communications hurdles at work, can be purchased for $4.99 and downloaded through iPhone’s online App Store. Clemmer’s other books, Growing the Distance and The Leaders Digest, will also be turned into iPhone applications in the next few weeks. These titles will have bonus quizzes and exercises in addition to the regular text.

‘This puts Jim ahead of others in the same market,’ says Crawford, who expects to see more business books pop up on iPhones in the near future. ‘We’re already in four million people’s pockets.’