Rouge Media Group illuminates OOH

The Lab concocts catchy new banner tech.

Montreal-based Rouge Media Group recently launched The Lab. Leveraging its exclusive rights to Canadian nightlife venues (Chapter 66) and to university and college campuses (Rouge Campus), the media player’s new division works on getting media campaigns noticed as part of its core product dev, Big Banner.

‘In the era of experiential marketing, it was imperative for us to be able to offer unique experiences for consumers,’ says Martin Poitras, president of Rouge Media Group.

Innovative solutions already in the bag for the new division include reflective vinyl banners and Canada’s largest electroluminescent banner. Recently installed in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver nightlife venues with Heineken as the launch partner, the thin-as-paper electroluminescent banner was designed with pre-established animation, certain elements of which were illuminated with complex electronic circuits. And over a hundred nightlife venues across Canada have been adorned with reflective vinyl Big Banners since June, illuminated by light-attracting metallic ink.