DigiFaces study reveals hockey fan insight: they like the fights

Mediaedge:cia's custom research tool anonymously captures what fans really think about our national sport.

Mediaedge:cia recently announced the findings of a study that examines what Canadian hockey fans really think about the sport. With its ‘DigiFaces’ proprietary custom research tool, which uses the anonymity of blogging to reveal in-depth consumer insights, the study revealed what hockey fans think about the game, from its national anthem to why they love their favourite teams.

‘Using the DigiFaces methodology allowed us to explore and unveil the everyday passion and emotion die-hard hockey fans have for the game and the issues surrounding the sport,’ said Bruce Neve, president, Mediaedge:cia. ‘While some findings may be obvious, others really came as a surprise with regards to fans’ views on where hockey and the NHL are headed.’

The findings revealed that while fans will continue to tune in, they think Saturday nights won’t be the same without the familiar ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ anthem. The study notes that Canadian hockey fans were also not active in picking a new tune, indicating a preference for the familiar.

Another aspect of consumer behaviour revealed by the study is that the city where fans grew up is the most important factor behind choosing a favourite team. Where they reside now has little impact on their decision, but family allegiances and rivalries are significant factors.

While the bench-clearing brawls of the 1970s are no longer viewed as acceptable, fighting in hockey is generally, if not unanimously, viewed as an important and exciting part of pro hockey.

As for the best Canadian team? Whether based on legacy or current lineup, an overwhelming majority picked the Montreal Canadiens.

And while most respondents would like to see a world championship between the NHL and European leagues, none of the respondents anticipated a NHL expansion into Europe in the near future.