Notes from the Mediascape: Placevine threads integration deals

Product placement agencies now have a new online space to browse integration deals.

Brand integration deals, which make up a market worth over $22 billion in the US and are gaining traction in Canada, just got a little easier to search, browse, list and post. The recently launched has created a new cyber meeting room for producers and advertisers. The NYC-based web service, which already has a number of Canadian brands on board, is offering a way to connect film, television and web content producers with brands seeking sponsorship and product-placement opportunities.

‘Instead of hiring a team to catalogue integration opportunities internally, brands and agencies use PlaceVine to get the information and access they need so that they can focus on executing creative and compelling integrations,’ PlaceVine co-founder Adam Erlebacher tells MiC. ‘Given the volume of integration opportunities across film, TV and new media, it’s impossible, if not cost-prohibitive, to comprehensively monitor and access available integrations using relationships, email and phone calls alone.’

Producers can post projects, browse brands and connect directly with marketers, while advertisers can post product and service listings, search through potential content projects and connect with those producers. The site’s monitoring service (ProjectStream) also sends email updates as new category-specific opportunities are added, and allows advertisers to create product profiles to receive inquiries from content producers at no cost. Deals are then forged offline.

More than 150 content producers, global brands and public relations firms are currently using the service.