AirVex Media makes a comeback

Out-of-home digital signage company offers new full-motion while-you-dry advertising.

Brossard, QC-based AirVex Media is back in Canada’s digital signage market with newly redesigned, full-motion digital advertising hand dryers. That’s right, hand dryers.

The out-of-home signage co, also the producer and manufacturer of the integrated digi-screen hand dryers, is deploying them in bars, restaurants, hotels, sports venues and medical clinics throughout Canada this January.

Advertisers can now use 10-, 15-, or 30-second commercials in a variety of file formats over 10-inch, full-motion screens, replacing the smaller 7-inch static screens.

The move comes after a 14-month restructuring and redevelopment process, following deployment setbacks.

The company says it has experienced a spike in partnership requests overseas in countries like France, the UK, Turkey and the Netherlands.