Intel Canada debuts ad chat with geeks

The chip company goes the Q&A 'educational' route during the holiday-buying season.

Intel Canada launched an interactive online promotion with yesterday to create awareness about the important role of a computer’s in-built processor. ‘We wanted to create an awareness of the importance of the Intel processor, as it has gone down the list in consumers’ minds as they tend to give more importance to other features such as screen size and colour,’ Nancy Demerling, consumer marketing manager for Intel Canada tells MiC.

To harness the holidays – one of the busiest times for computer gifting – Intel decided to educate consumers on the best type of PC to buy via an in-banner live chat on‘s tech site, wherein consumers could ask a panel of tech experts, including some from Best Buy’s Geek Squad, PC-related queries.

Online viewers receive answers from experts in real-time without leaving the banner ad, courtesy of Eyeblaster tech’s expandable banner capability of launching multiple macromedia Flash panels through click, rollover or auto-initiation, explains Yoav Arnstein, general manager, North America for Eyeblaster. As well, viewers can also see the other questions being fielded by the panel.

The event, which targeted the ‘active pragmatists,’ computer users between 18-44, was promoted with baner ads on Google and Yahoo as well as Best Buy’s website. Demerling says that the event, which was held between noon and 2 pm during prime-time traffic on Yahoo, garnered about 100 questions and 100,000 page views of the chat. MacLaren McCann was the creative agency for the promotion and Toronto-based OMD executed the media buy.