OMAC helps forge new outdoor sign bylaw

The national out-of-home org met with the City of Toronto this week to present the industry viewpoint.

The City of Toronto is planning on having a new harmonized sign bylaw in place by late spring to replace the current bylaws. The project team, which consists of city staff and consultants, presented its preliminary report on the issues and options related to the development of a new sign bylaw to the city’s planning and growth management committee this week.

The Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) and its members, which include Astral Media Outdoor, CBS Outdoor, Outdoor Broadcast Network, Pattison Outdoor and Titan Worldwide, presented a collective industry viewpoint on key issues and recommendations including the regulation of permanent signs, more consistent enforcement, the opportunity to review and amend the sign bylaw as technology progresses, clear sign definitions and consistent regulations that are not open for interpretation.

‘The outdoor companies and city staff have struggled with the dated patchwork of rules,’ explains OMAC president Rosanne Caron. ‘The six existing sign bylaws and a number of related bylaws are inconsistent, outdated and do not adequately address changes in technology.’

Leading up to the first report to the planning and growth committee were four public consultation meetings in which OMAC members participated.