New study shows kids motivated by TV and print ads

Children between six and 11 years old are increasingly surfing the net for products they see in ads.

It looks like those TV and print ads are having an effect on kids after all. Results from New York-based Mediamark Research’s 2008 American Kids Study show that children between six and 11 years old are increasingly using the Internet to check out products they see advertised in other media.

The study found that 46.3% of kids visited a site they saw or heard about in a commercial or advertisement. The older the child, the more likely he or she is to engage in the search after being exposed to an ad.

Nearly 10.7 million young consumers reported visiting a company’s website, with similar results for girls (49.4%) and boys (50.6%). Of that number, about 25% are six to seven years old, roughly 33% are between eight and nine, and about 40% are 10 or 11. The study also found that these brand site-frequenting kids were more likely to come from households without rules surrounding which sites they can visit.

Other highlights show that 48% of these web-savvy kids are more likely than the average US child to access the Internet on a daily basis, while 41% are more likely to have their own email address and 50% are more likely to use an instant messenger service.

From Kidscreen Daily