ToonBox Entertainment’s launch series has animated sponsor opps

ToonBox Entertainment is looking for toy, video and electronics brands to populate its virtual city.

The TV production arm of Toronto-based animation house Red Rover, now operating under the new handle ToonBox Entertainment, is focusing on CGI and stereoscopic films, commercial production services and animated series work. And the first project from the new standalone entity is already in production, BLIP, a 26 x 22-minute 3D animated series. With a zany comedy-adventure bent, the series is about two droids who take part in a series of robot competitions that humans have devised to work out Earthly disputes.

And ToonBox is seeking to integrate branded content and create toys based on the program, says Thom Chapman, director of sales and marketing.

‘We’re recruiting an entire city, so we need malls and stores,’ says Chapman. A toy or video game shop could have its mock logo displayed in the virtual mall, and the deal would go hand-in-hand with selling toys or video games in the actual shop, he explains. Other opportunities include branding products the characters use, like cellphones and laptops, and since BLIP and his friends play in lunar sports battles, they can be sponsored just like real sports figures, Chapman says.

‘There are product placements and brands in various kids’ TV shows and movies, so we will be within our rights and our limits,’ he says about government regulations covering advertiser involvement in kids’ programs.

A pilot will be finished in February.

From Kidscreen Daily