Astral iMedia goes underground with

By picking up the club culture site, Astral now reps coast to coast reach for the DJ set.

Astral iMedia is now the national advertising arm for nightclub and events site, Astral recently announced, adding to its slew of over 120 radio, television and entertainment properties.

Currently the website connects with club-level advertisers, but Astral hopes to integrate sales that extend beyond alcohol brands – clients who want to impact the 18-34 skewed male demo, Julie Howlett, director of sales, Astral Media tells MiC. launched in May 2005, and in December had 158,000 unique visitors, according to comScore. Its readers are mainly trend-setters with a connection to the underground music scene, says Howlett. ‘Advertisers don’t always just want to affiliate themselves with music, but certain types of music. This brings that DJ element to the table; that underground thing that you can’t really capture with just associating yourself with the record label,’ she says.

Astral iMedia also represents similar niche sites like, but their traffic tends to be western Canada, says Howlett. ‘It doesn’t fall specifically into central and eastern Canada which is what BeforeLastCall brings to the table,’ she explains.