Notes from the Mediascape: Armani Jeans gets Immersive

A new interactive online campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy uses a Calgary-based 360-degree video technology to get tech-savvy youth to spend more time with the brand.

A new digi-media campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy for Armani Jeans is creating an experience that makes consumers feel like one of the gang.

As part of the ‘Take control of your style’ campaign, Calgary-based Immersive Media created an interactive video using its 360-degree spherical technology. The video, found on the Armani Jeans website], allows visitors to feel like they’re part of a group of models frolicking through the streets of an undisclosed metropolis. The viewer can click and drag to ‘look around’ in any direction to explore the environment, and then click on the models to access the Armani catalogue.

‘For Armani Jeans it is about giving control to the consumer to look and explore on their own terms,’ Immersive Media media relations rep Karen Tanaka tells MiC. ‘What it creates is a campaign that is highly interactive, that has their consumer spending more time exploring and experiencing the brand.’

The video, shot with Immersive’s 11 patented Dodeca 2360 high-res camera lenses, streams simultaneously, capturing an almost complete 360-degree view to create the spherical video. Other brands using Immersive’s technology as part of their interactive campaigns include Mercedes, Adidas, NBC Sports and Mini Cooper.