Molson Dry sends party people to Prague

A video of Quebec's biggest partiers club-hopping in Prague, launched as part of a new social media campaign, is meant to encourage another summer of beer, fun and dancing.

Molson Dry is gearing up for another recruitment season for its Association of Party Pros (APP) with a new youth-targeting website and summer media campaign. For the APP Circuit, last year Molson hosted 18 official parties across Quebec for some 40,000 people. From each party, the person who was most enthusiastic was chosen to represent in the APP in Prague, Czech Republic last month where they went club-hopping in lightning ‘party suits.’ (Check the YouTube video.)

The video is now available to the brand’s 8,411 Facebook fans, who visit the page about three times per day, and a new website specifically for Molson fans to discuss and share videos of all things party-related. With creative developed by Cossette and media buy handled by Saint-Jacques Vallée the Mediaedge, a new campaign will kick off this summer with TV, radio online and outdoor promos promoting the circuit that will send the next lucky 18 to Tenerife, Spain next year.

‘We realized that concept was attractive to 18- to 24-year-olds,’ says Jonathan Rouxel, creative director at Cossette Montreal. ‘By becoming the ultimate party pros of the world, we are saying we in Quebec are so fun, so original and creative,’ he tells MiC.

Now that so many people know about the APP, television and radio spots (which Rouxel predicts will launch in June) will also have a heavier focus on the Molson brand. ‘There’s a lot of enthusiasm, and we want to be sure that the brand stays centric on the [execution],’ he says. Promotions also include online buys on popular portal, which last year drew about seven million clicks, and arranging for underground content producers like Nightlife magazine to film at their parties, explains Rouxel.

‘Our platform is not about over-consumption or trying to make them drink a lot,’ says Rouxel. Instead, the brand is encouraging creativity through contests and draws and the chance to represent Quebec abroad, he says.