Johnson’s Baby gives birth to

In partnership with lifestyle site, the new website offers moms tips on fashion, food and health - with product sponsorships from Johnson's Baby brand.

With stories that range from tips on shopping for a baby’s ‘starter wardrobe’ to how deal with a young one’s food allergies, new website, gives young moms a variety of news bits on maternity and motherhood. The new site, launched last month, is the brainchild of J3 Canada, a division of Interpublic Group dedicated to Johnson & Johnson that incorporates Johnson’s Baby brand into mommy content like website editorial or television shows.

‘Whether it’s tips to replace sushi cravings while pregnant or tucking in a newborn to create that much-needed quiet time for a romantic date at home, touches on a large breadth of important moments,’ Heather Loosemore, manager, digital strategies at J3 Canada, tells MiC.

Not all products featured are Johnson’s, but the brand’s involvement is evident through ad placements on the site, sponsored contests and articles about products.

The new site is an extension of Johnson’s Baby brand’s continuing efforts to connect with moms in a new and engaging way. ‘We worked on creating the concept of how we can talk to women and give them information that wasn’t necessarily being given to them,’ says Trevor Bozyk, activation designer for J3 Canada. ‘I think what’s great about is that…there’s so much information on there. People are held captive for a really long time.’

The Sweetspot editorial team puts together the articles and features, updated daily. The content will also link to complementary articles on Johnson’s other website, to further drive awareness and traffic between the sites.